6 Month Smiles

Six month smile braces fitted to teethWe offer two types of lingual six month smile brace systems.

These types of braces have become hugely popular at Campbell Huber Orthodontics as not only are they virtually invisible but can also  be a quick and cost effective option for those who have only minor common misalignments.

These brace systems are  perfect if you have had orthodontic treatment in the past and have experienced  some movement.

We have also found that a lot of our patients who opt for these braces  are  brides to be who are looking to perfect their smiles for their big day!

MTM No Trace System

The MTM No Trace System uses extremely small brackets that are placed on the inner surface of your upper or/and lower front six teeth. The brackets  gently work to guide your teeth into their ideal position in such a small space of time.

The cost of this type of lingual brace is one of the lowest on the market and patients are always pleased to know that at the end of treatment they are fitted with a bonded retainer that holds their corrected teeth in their new position.

Incognito Lite System

This treatment is slightly more expensive than the MTM No Trace system as they are custom made for your teeth giving fantastic end results.

Your orthodontist will take Impressions of your teeth and send them to the ‘Incognito laboratory’ where they will be designed specially and constructed using gold alloy to fit your front six teeth.

Once your teeth have moved into their corrected position patients are fitted with a bonded retainer to maintain the corrected position.

These are the types of misalignments that these brace systems address:

  • Spacing - Too much Space between the front teeth
  • Crowding - Not enough space between the front teeth
  • Midline Correction - Front teeth are off centre
  • Tipping - Teeth tip outward and inward
  • Rotation - Teeth are turned
  • Intrusion/Extrusion - Teeth sit too high or too low compared to the other teeth

For more information on any of the 6 month smile systems we offer please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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